On Staying Afloat and Supporting Improvements

Franchisee Financials is a huge part of the business of a past Client. I moved into a support role in their Finance group amid a lot of uncertainty and clutter due to a poor transition of duties from a previous Finance Manager, who had left the company suddenly. (He had put some policies and procedures in place, but some big things were not documented.) Additionally, another Senior Financial Analyst moved to another internal group, so the Senior Finance Manager, who I worked with closely, needed a great deal of help to handle all Financial Planning & Analysis duties and the added Franchise Finance responsibilities.

I dove into the templates and work instructions, and I spent countless hours testing and improving the templates and making sure that their outputted data made sense and provided accurate information. Then with the team, I met with some of the supporting groups to see what they wanted to receive from these templates and how we could improve things.

From there, I had a roadmap of what I needed to build and provide. I improved the templates, work instructions and reports and improved them to the best of my ability.

At the time of my project ending, the individuals we supported within the business praised how much the processes and procedures had improved over the past few months and noted how they were looking forward to their further evolution.

I look forward to potentially applying this experience to future Clients, and I am excited at the next opportunity (whatever it may be) to gain additional experience and skills.

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About Kevin

Kevin has more than 12 years of finance and accounting experience across industries such as cable & communications, entertainment, educational services, medical devices and consumer products. Kevin’s expertise includes FP&A, forecasting, budgeting, financial modeling, variance analysis, month-end close duties and process improvement. Prior to joining 8020 Consulting, Kevin worked at Pharmavite LLC. St. Jude Medical, Time Warner Cable and Revolution Prep in various key corporate finance roles. Kevin completed his undergraduate degree at California State University, Northridge and earned his MBA at Northeastern University’s D’Amore Mckim School of Business.

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