Need Help Driving a Key Finance or Accounting Project?

We provide Financial and Accounting Project Management, Transformation and Project Execution services for clients across a wide range of industries.

Financial Project Execution

Need Help Driving a Key Finance or Accounting Project?

We provide Financial and Accounting Project Management, Transformation and Project Execution services for clients across a wide range of industries.

Some of the reasons our clients work with us:

  • The thoroughness of our data gathering around project requirements
  • The precision of our deployment process
  • The combination of credentials, experience, and intelligence our people bring to the
  • The alignment our business model creates between our people and our clients
  • The predictability and dependability of outcomes we provide
  • The mitigation of project turnover risk our model produces
  • The economic value we deliver
  • Vast experience and a unique perspective on financial planning and analysis
  • Lots of other reasons we would rather discuss in person

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Example Financial Project Execution Projects

Developed complex model for private equity backed B2C SaaS company to support analysis of variable free trial, attachment, bill through, retention, product elimination and pricing modeling at the product and cohort levels.

Built ground up revenue forecasting model for $300M SaaS company based on unique inputs and adjusted GAAP revenue recognition for 1, 3, 6, and 12-month subscription packages for 4 months of transactions. Model provided over 40 permutations for subscriptions based on Sales Assisted, Standalone and Bundled subscription services. Each permutation required waterfall analysis and GAAP compliant forecasts. Additionally, the new model calculated Average Item Value (AIV) and Average Order Value (AOV), utilizing last 12 months historical data, adjusting for discounts, refunds and promotional credits both post and prior to check out.

Advised CFO on reorganization of Finance team by conducting interviews and assessment of 10 Finance team members for large entertainment service provider.

Built a business case to evaluate an international distribution partnership deal for the publishing division of major entertainment studio.

Led a strategic cost/benefit analysis project for a large US-based apparel company, assessing the total costs and potential benefits of relocating operations to another state.

Created a 5-year Strategic financial plan by partnering with various departments such as sales, marketing, product development, HR, IT and finance for VC backed SaaS company. Utilized the product roadmap, historical trends, contractual obligations, partnerships, comparable companies benchmarking, and GAAP rules.

Developed dynamic Excel-based allocation models for multi-channel consumer products marketer to streamline the calculation of shared expenses across sales channels and product lines, using various allocation methodologies, including sales and headcount.

Built variable Sales compensation plan for a newly acquired business, including model creation of automated calculations in NetSuite for a content delivery network company.

Modeled past Black Friday sales performance and recommended specific changes in sales strategy for a publishing company.

Developed complex rolling 18-month capacity utilization and forecasting model, factoring in such variables as anticipated demand, on hand inventory, shipping lead times, productivity by machine type and tool, and plant closure schedules for US and China for packaging company.

Managed the implementation of Host Analytics financial budgeting and forecasting software, including building a hierarchy for actual and budget data and developing budget templates and KPI reporting for a digital media company.

Assessed the 7-year impact of a substantial remodel of both the franchisees and company-owned locations for a publicly held restaurant operator.

Created and maintained a 5-year cash flow projection model which contained detailed cash flows by show for a TV production company.

Built annual budget, forecast and operating plan, including creating budget templates from scratch for a formerly PE-backed entertainment company prior to its sale.

Constructed Excel-based model to estimate marketing spend and efficacy around potential national and local advertising campaigns for multi-location, multi-state restaurant company.

Advised Chief Strategy Officer on transforming a $100M privately-held holding company involved in the financial services and energy industry into a high-growth corporate entity well positioned for strategic transactions.

Built Excel-based weekly sales report template and consolidation tool, including automated budget, forecast comparisons and graphical dashboards for a large entertainment service company.

Performed profitability analysis by customer and workflow for a Digital Services business.

Constructed annual cash flow, production cost forecast, capex budget and five-year financial forecast for formerly PE-backed entertainment company prior to its sale.

Constructed model that estimated synergies, one-time charges and ongoing expenses related to interstate headcount move of a retail company with over 500 employees. Created 12-month project plan to facilitate execution including actions related to statutory employee notices, employee backfill, capital expenditures, facility sublease and new facility search.

Consolidated and standardized 50+ legacy deal models for private equity firm with over $6B in assets under management into 2 (debt + equity), leveraging VBA automations, advanced Excel modeling and centralized data extraction.

Implemented quarterly reporting dashboard for a private equity firm portfolio management department to analyze debt financing; automated variance reporting and time weighted returns, for various groups using VBA and macros.

Created a streamlined cash flow forecast model incorporating rates driven tabs, including information regarding headcount, building, equipment and vehicle loans and a revenue model for a food service company.

Developed a Pricing Model for a new product and service for an IT Service provider using market / industry research for comparable offerings.

Developed contribution margin and customer profitability analyses enabling targeted price increases that resulted in additional revenue for a small, privately held industrial company.

Developed Backhaul Optimization Tool used by shipping, purchasing and sales to provide more visibility into actual backhaul costs, more strategic backhaul pricing and yielding substantial savings in shipping and delivery costs for container manufacturer.

Built a demand forecasting model to provide a sales trend over time, the inventory position at a point in time, and forecast upcoming sales with reasonable accuracy. The model also alerted the user regarding potential fulfillment issues due to inadequate inventory for a distributor and wholesaler of beauty products.

Led strategic planning of a company’s MVNO product, built business models, product pricing and supported negotiations with providers.

Created analysis and reporting around discounts, markdown and returns at a customer, segment and product level to help identify opportunities to improve margin for a consumer products appliance company.

Prepared an in-depth analysis of financial implications of relocating manufacturing within the US for a well-known Apparel manufacturer.

Prepared $83-million annual compensation budget, including quarterly forecasts through the creation of models to capture equity compensation plans, departmental allocations and financial system uploads.

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