On Hitting the Ground Running

The start of a new engagement is always unique, and in the case of this particular Client, it was an urgent “all hands on deck” situation. The Client had lost two of their four-person FP&A team just as they were headed into a forecast. They needed someone to take over the responsibilities of those vacated seats – fast.

They needed an experienced Consultant who could hit the ground running in a high-intensity environment with tight deadlines and minimal time for training. I was a good match, as I have had a great deal of experience in forecasting at similar companies and was able to quickly grasp their forecast process and financial models. My rapidly turning around error-free deliverables freed up the rest of the team to focus on their own responsibilities, confident in the knowledge that all the work of the two departed employees would be done and done right.

A Consultant who is the right fit for a company in terms of temperament and experience can be invaluable in an emergency replacement situation. And as a Consultant, I know my role is more than just getting the task done. It also involves some things I find very rewarding: meshing with teams, helping them run more smoothly and making their workload and lives easier.

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About Chris

Chris has more than 12 years of finance, operations and project management experience in the entertainment, non-profit and bio-medical industries. Prior to joining 8020, he worked as a Senior Manager in FP&A at Paramount Pictures. Additionally, he held various positions at Advanced Bionics, Warner Bros and RLJ Entertainment. His background includes extensive experience in content acquisition and distribution, financial planning and analysis, budgeting and forecasting, financial modeling, valuation analyses, and process improvement. Chris holds an MBA from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.

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