With an 8020 Interim CFO in place, companies can maintain continuity, improve their financial operations in the near term, and recalibrate their search for the full-time CFO replacement.

Interim CFO Services

The Problem at Hand

The termination or unexpected departure of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) creates a gap in the leadership team. If unaddressed, it can severely impact operating performance.

8020 Consulting specializes in helping Los Angeles and Southern California companies mitigate the risks associated with CFO departures by turning what’s often a negative event into a strategic opportunity. Learn more about our Interim CFO services in our free service explainer.

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Introductions, Assessments and Business Continuity

Immediate installation of an established and experienced financial leader

Interim CFOs offer business continuity while setting longer-term strategies

Unbiased third-party perspective on your finance function

Deploy Our Three-Phase Approach

Improvements to Reporting and Workflow

Recalibration of the CFO Position Profile
Through Selection, Hiring and Onboarding of the New CFO

Interim CFOs offer strategic financial and technical accounting guidance

Best practices for recalibrating CFO role and support of interviewing and selection

Benefits of Our Interim CFOs

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We are based in Los Angeles and designed our company to meet the needs of our region. Download our free service sheet to learn more.

from 8020 Consulting

The finance and accounting department is often the least understood (and least appreciated) by other executive team leaders who have intimate knowledge of sales, marketing, manufacturing or technology, but lack depth and breadth of experience with financial operations. 

And typically, only the largest companies have the bench strength which enables an existing member of the finance team to step into the role on even a short-term basis. 

8020 Consulting's Interim CFO services team specializes in helping companies mitigate the risks associated with CFO departures by turning what’s often a negative event into a strategic opportunity.

Our Interim CFOs can help you optimize these core performance areas while facilitating the search and placement of a perfect-fit, permanent CFO:

People Management

Budgeting and Forecasting

Processes and Controls


8020 Consulting's Interim CFO Services 

Our experienced Interim CFOs can assume the leadership of the finance and accounting function and develop effective strategies and tactics for moving forward with minimal disruption in day-to-day operations.