Improve time to close, certainty of closure and post-acquisition value creation.

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Private Equity Financial Services 
from 8020 Consulting

Identify opportunities to improve profitability that may drive higher valuations prior to sales process commencement.

Deploy in advance of a sale process to identify and mitigate weaknesses or risks in financial reporting, data integrity and financial systems. 

Project manage the implementation of financial systems that support portfolio company scalability.

Private Equity Finance Services

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Whether you are determining where to put funds to work, growing EBITDA in your existing portfolio companies or preparing for an exit, our private equity services team deploys to provide critical analytical, systems, and operational support.

Help facilitate the replacement or transition of key finance/accounting leadership roles with interim management services.

Key Benefits of Our Private Equity Finance Consulting Services

Before, during and post transaction, we can deploy our team successfully into M&A Transaction Support, Financial Systems Implementation, and Interim CFO & Financial Management.

We Solve Common Portfolio Company Problems

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Replacement of Current CFO or Controller

Creation and Upkeep of Accurate Cash Flow Reporting and Tracking

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Establishment and/or Standardization of Monthly Reporting Deck

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Acceleration and Optimization of Monthly Reporting

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System Selection, Implementation and Optimization

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Determining Product-Level Profitability and Unit-Level Economics

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Integration of Add-on Platform Investments

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Assistance in Buy-Side and Sell-Side Due Diligence

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Our Private Equity Services Team is based in Los Angeles and ready to deploy wherever your portfolio companies need support. Our 90+ finance and accounting consultants can contribute on an interim management or project execution basis. Below are common projects that we've worked on:

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