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You know how the first 6 months of any job are the most challenging and exciting? Imagine doing that all the time.

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Here's what to expect from your 8020 Consulting career experience:

icon Career Path Acceleration

Career Path Acceleration

Expand your financial, operational and management skills simultaneously. Get where you want to go faster. Why wait for a promotion? The learning in each year at 8020 is equivalent to several years in a traditional role.

icon Variety


Experience what it’s like to apply your skills in different companies or different stages of growth across a multitude of industries.

icon Impact


You won’t be warming a chair at 8020. Engage your intellectual capacity to deliver departmental or enterprise impact and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you have made a difference.

icon Security


If you do nothing but consistently exceed our clients' expectations, you will have the peace of mind that comes with having an employment agreement.

icon Team of Your Peers

Team of Your Peers

Work with other smart people you will be proud to call your colleagues.

icon Community


Get to know some of the most talented minds in the finance community, and share the experience of building something great.

icon Work/Life Balance

Work/Life Balance

Have reasonable work/life balance while doing meaningful and impactful work.

icon No Travel Required

No Travel Required

No travel required. Save your frequent flyer mileage for your vacations. You won’t have to get on a plane with us.

icon Portable Skills Portfolio

Portable Skills Portfolio

Broaden and deepen your technical and systems skillsets to increase your marketability.

icon Compensation


Enjoy the opportunity to measurably increase your earnings and be rewarded for your direct contributions.

icon Benefits


Fortune-1000-level benefits including everything you expect to find: medical, dental, vision, 401K, Life, Disability, supplemental insurance options, flexible spending accounts and more.


If you join our firm, you will:

  • Work at Clients across a spectrum of industries, sizes and circumstances (e.g., growing, acquiring, merging, launching new products, dealing with financial restructuring) without changing jobs.
  • Focus on applying your brain, energy and experience to doing great work for clients, without the burden of navigating office politics.
  • Work closely and directly with our firm’s founders and your colleagues to help build a big, great company, and learn more about how to scale a business.
  • Be in a company that does for a living what you do for a living and truly values and appreciates what you do in finance. Know that your work will be recognized, rewarded and instrumental in our firm’s success.
  • Join the very few financial professionals with the peace of mind that comes with an employment agreement. All of our people have one, so you can focus on doing great work instead of worrying about job security.
  • Get paid to be in constant growth and learning mode, instead of maintenance mode.
  • Be in a company filled with really smart people who are nice people to work with.



“You won’t be doing the same work over and over again. Your skills will be stretched, and you will be required to grow quickly.”

“To work here, you must be capable of translating your experiences and actively applying your knowledge to solve client problems. Your job will be to define and understand the client opportunity or issue and solve it, and in all circumstances, you are to leave the client better than when you first arrived.”

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