Our experienced sales compensation planning consultants are based in Los Angeles and are at the ready to deploy throughout California. Learn more in our free service sheet.

Sales Compensation Planning Services 

Sales compensation directly impacts your sales revenue and people.

8020 Consulting can help improve both the design and execution of your sales compensation plan, particularly if you are experiencing any of these issues:

Sales Compensation Planning Services

8020 Consulting can help your company leverage sales compensation to grow to your full potential. Our team is headquartered in Los Angeles and can deploy quickly and effectively. Learn more in our sales compensation plan service sheet.


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Sales Compensation Plan Complexity

Number of Compensation Plans

Mismatched Market Expectations

sales compensation plan services

Core Benefits of Strong Compensation Plans:

Our sales compensation finance consultants use a comprehensive approach to drive results and address these common issues:

Difficulty in Calculating Payments

Increased Revenues

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  • Lower than expected revenues
  • Lower than expected market share
  • Missed quota in many territories
  • High voluntary turnover of salespeople 
  • High volume of sales compensation complaints
  • High volume of mistakes in calculation of payments
  • Long period of time to calculate payments (i.e., mostly manual processes)

Targeted Territory Design

Easier Maintenance and Recruitment of Highly Desirable Salespeople

Achievement of Desired Cost of Sales Compensation as a % of Sales

Easier Calculation of Sales Compensation Plan and Accruals

More Efficient and Effective Sales Compensation Processes