Our Real Estate and Construction Finance whitepaper explores common operational pain points and offers insights into how to address them.

Diagnosing 5 Potential Pain Points

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Expand your knowledge of real estate and construction finance and accounting best practices.

The real estate and construction industry is one of the cornerstones of the American economy. It has unique needs that should be addressed specifically by experts in the field who are focused on the necessary requirements of operating a successful business. 8020 Consulting is focused on accepted industry best practices, and we have a keen eye on addressing operational, accounting and management issues related to your company’s lifecycle—from startup to rapid growth, maturity and everything in between.

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in Your Real Estate or Construction Business

What Focus Areas Do We Cover in This Whitepaper?


Learn what to ask to gauge your systems and get insight into popular software. 


Read about how strategic perspective can improve team performance.

Reporting Output

What should you expect in your reporting? Is it improvable?


Learn why key performance indicators are so important for focused growth.

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While it is critical to keep one eye on the daily tasks at hand, it is equally critical to explore some of the aspects of your company that tend to be overlooked. This resource offers important questions to ask about five potential pain points of your company’s business operations. It also offers some thoughts on what you can do to ease the discomfort.

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Internal Controls

Reduce manual work, increase transparency and improve accuracy.