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Our Helpful Five-Stage Framework

Best Practices, Insights and Activities to Remember

Example Scenarios to Illustrate the Importance of Mitigation

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Download this resource to learn best practices for post-acquisition finance transformation projects!

To better manage the challenges face during post-merger integration, finance leadership should try and get ahead of issues wherever possible. First, accept that some of the challenges are very difficult to avoid, so expect they will happen. Second, prepare for them by planning for an allocation of people, time and resources before the transaction is complete. Third, consider using the our framework to inform your post-acquisition finance transformation.

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Learn a framework to navigate the twists and turns inherent in post-acquisition finance transformation projects.

Businesses today are facing unprecedented competition, technological disruption and an increased demand for innovation in the marketplace. It has given rise to massive inorganic growth through joint ventures, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions. This has created a seismic shift in M&A activity with no signs of slowdown, as well as added stress on finance departments tasked with post-merger integrations.

Our free ebook offers a memorable, staged framework for navigating the complex post-acquisition finance transformation process, as well as key considerations and items for each stage.