On Stabilizing a Fast-Growing Client’s Accounting Team

My previous client experienced tremendous challenges in the accounting department as the company grew exponentially to become the global leader in its industry. The absence of standardized processes, inadequate training and knowledge transfer, and lack of support and appreciation led to low morale and high turnover.

In stabilizing the team, the first step was to win trust by listening to their challenges and ideas for improvements. With team collaboration, we created training manuals inclusive of all systems for knowledge sharing. We rolled out weekly scrum meetings to track progress of ongoing projects as well as monthly interactive training sessions to engage the team. With workload realigned, stronger communication and employee appreciation and recognition in place, the team regained confidence, restored morale and reclaimed work-life balance.

mary on stabilizing and optimizing a fast-growing accounting team

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About Mary

Mary has over 20 years of experience in finance and accounting in multiple industries such as entertainment, consumer products, oil & gas, legal, automotive, financial services, banking, food manufacturing, apparel and defense & military contractor. Her expertise includes Financial Planning & Analysis, budgeting and forecasting, financial modeling, month-end close, reporting, project management of process design and re-engineering initiatives, process improvement, system implementations and change management. Prior to joining 8020 Consulting, Mary consulted and worked at Warner Bros, Disney, Honda, Toyota, BP/AMOCO, Ticketmaster/Live Nation, Nestle, The Collected Group, Physical Optics Corporation, E-Trade and City National Bank. She holds an MBA from DePaul University and a bachelor’s degree in Finance from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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