Money and reputations are on the line, and a single poor strategic decision can devastate a studio, production house or other enterprise. Industry experience can make all the difference. 

Media and Entertainment Finance Consulting Services 

8020 Consulting provides specialized accounting and entertainment finance consulting services across a broad spectrum of Entertainment Businesses and Segments.

If you’re interested in bringing in an entertainment industry finance expert to support your team, look no further. Our free service sheet offers insight into our expertise, the work we do and successful past projects.

Media & Entertainment Finance Consulting Services

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Our Services Include:

Strategic and Operational


  • TV 
  • Cable 
  • Theatrical 
  • Music 
  • Special Effects

Parks and Recreation

  • Corporate Consolidations

Entertainment Controllership

  • Video Games
  • Entertainment Apps 


  • Event Management
  • Live Performance

Live Events


  • EST and DTO-Electronic Sell Through and Download to Own 
  • EHV/VOD 
    • Premium Video On-Demand 
    • Transactional Video On-Demand 
    • Subscription Video-On-Demand 
    • Fee/Advertising Video-On-Demand 
    • Pay per View 
  • THV-Traditional Home Video and Physical Sell Through 
  • Basic and Premium Cable TV 
  • Broadcast Network TV 
  • Multi-Channel Networks 
  • Licensing 
  • Stores/Retail 
  • Franchise Reporting


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