Establishment and/or Standardization of Monthly Reporting Deck


Is your portfolio company's accounting department spending too much time on period-end reporting – at the expense of analysis and insights? 8020 Consulting's specialists can help:

Establish Your Portfolio Company's Reporting Deck by:

  1. Determining key data and insights needed by management to run the business (e.g., combination of financial, operations and people (HR) data with relevant KPIs).
  2. Defining key stakeholders and what information they need to operate.
  3. Determining reporting cadence (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly).
  4. Creating the deck to requirements and specifications.
  5. Identifying roles and responsibilities (e.g., who  will create the deck, who will provide which data, when information is due).

Standardize Reporting Across Portfolio Companies to Help Private Equity Firms:

  • Receive consistent and comparable reports from its portfolio companies.  
  • Efficiently compile and analyze performance across their portfolio.  
  • Focus on certain KPIs and key financial reports that are as standardized as possible across the portfolio (e.g. cash forecasts, operating margins, customer acquisition and churn).  
  • Empower portfolio companies to compare data points across reporting periods and deliver the data deemed most relevant to management to run and monitor the business.