Replacement of Current CFO or Controller


  1. Deployed a qualified Interim CFO quickly. Within 24 hours, a qualified consultant with industry experience stepped in to provide immediate leadership.
  2. Worked with the portfolio CEO directly. Our interim CFO was able to identify immediate opportunities to improve the business in terms of cash flow and product level profitability that were not thought of previously. A fresh set of new experienced eyes can do wonders!
  3. Actively participated in finding a replacement CFO. Our Interim CFO was able to help prepare a formal CFO job requisition that adequately described the needs and professional background needed for the role. Our consultant also helped interview and recruit the position, which sped up the hiring process.
  4. Transitioned the position seamlessly. Our Interim CFO made sure the new inbound CFO got up to speed quickly and successfully. Our consultant also continues to be an ongoing resource when questions come up.

Companies aren't always sure what to expect from financial leadership, and the wrong senior finance or accounting leader can be costly and impact company performance. Our Private Equity Services Team can offer insight and support.

If you need an immediate replacement for any financial leader, we can help. Recently, when a PE client needed a replacement CFO, our team:

Poor-Fit Controller Signals

  • Delayed financials and/or inefficient month-end close process
  • Poor Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable management, leading to collection issues and late vendor payments
  • Lack of established and maintained internal controls
  • Unreconciled general ledger accounts and noticeable errors in the financial systems
  • Lack of strong team-building and delegation
  • Inability to upgrade key financial systems
  • High turnover in Accounting and Finance departments, particularly direct reports
  • Frequent variation of real cash position from cash flow forecast, or period-end results varying from forecasts
  • Top-down approach to annual budget; leadership lacks say over creation of own budgets
  • Unclear KPIs and ownership of results
  • Reporting lacks variance analysis (i.e., budget vs. actual) and offers no recommendations for improving revenue and expenditure performance

Poor-Fit CFO Signals