Assistance in Buy-Side and Sell-Side Due Diligence


  • Deploy in advance of a sale process to identify and mitigate weaknesses or risks in financial reporting, data integrity and financial systems.
  • Identify opportunities to improve profitability that may drive higher valuations prior to sales process commencement
  • Project Manage the diligence process to reduce turnaround time on diligence requests thereby reducing time to close
    • Improve buyer confidence with on point and well-presented financial data tailored to the need states of various audiences/ constituencies.
  • Expedite the flow of information to buyers under tight deadlines, incorporating consistency, appropriate transparency and future period projections
  • Effectively filter and manage buyer information requests and where appropriate, challenge unreasonable requests in a way that does not
    jeopardize rapport with the buyer.
  • Work with management and other deal team members to identify reasonable adjustments
    to EBITDA

Our private equity team can deploy into either the buy or sell side of any transaction.


Keep internal resources
focused on business operations
and growth while improving the
certainty of deal closure.


Go beyond the scope of
traditional Q of E reports
to get real insights.

  • Evaluate existing or build De Novo acquisition models
  • As part of due diligence process, analyze accounting policy/technology for potential adjustments to EBITA
  • Support evaluation of internal controls and people including turnover risks of key finance staff
  • Serve as a dedicated resource team to productively move everything along, maintain required communication between groups, and ensure that all the various pieces “fit” together
  • Formulate a 100-day plan incorporating key operational and strategic considerations
  • Project Manage the post-merger integration