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ERP Implementation Steps

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Info into Scope, Implementation, and Managed Services Stages

Details About the Nine Phases of the Implementation Stage

Insights into the Who, What and When of Each Stage and Phase 

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ERP implementations are common projects in growing companies, yet many companies fail to realize the full potential of their systems. At worst, companies give up on their systems after purchase, leading to undue costs and migrations to other systems. More commonly, the companies that complete their implementations suffer from poor planning, faulty or inadequate reporting, a lack of visibility and low levels of control throughout the life of the ERP. This guide was created to help you avoid surprises and increase the likelihood that your implementation is successful.

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We designed this resource to give readers a solid foundation on ERP implementation steps and stages.

Our goal is to help readers understand the general shape of enterprise resource planning implementation projects, so they can improve the chances of successful implementations within their companies.