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Cash Flow Consulting

Our cash flow consulting services are one way we help businesses during times of transition.

Even well-run companies can hit rough patches and find themselves in situations which require financial transformation. In unprecedented times such as these, our firm is uniquely positioned to help businesses navigate significant impacts to financial stability. Our firm offers a range of services to improve liquidity, maintain operations, and stabilize your business. Our cash flow consulting services can improve your decision-making ability and allocate more time to achieving your goals.

Cash Flow Consulting Services

8020 Consulting can help your company manage liquidity and plan ahead. Our team is headquartered in Los Angeles and able to deploy quickly and effectively all across California. Learn more in our service sheet.


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Developing a cash forecast taking into consideration management and business objectives


Creating an integrated model with dynamic scenario analysis


Preparing an analysis of immediate capital needs and short-term liquidity


Our cash flow consulting professionals have the intellectual capital and experience to evaluate and build out your cash flow forecast, including:

Ensuring the company has sufficient cash to meet future obligations


Verifying that all cash receipts and disbursements are being tracked accurately


Developing monitoring tools to help manage working capital and observe real-time liquidity performance


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Our experts can help you build a more accurate cash flow forecast.