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CAPEX Report Template

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By downloading this CAPEX Report Template, you’ll learn:

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Simple Sections for Structuring Your Reports

An Example Case Including Representative Findings

How to Present Next Steps and Timings Based on Findings

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Download this resource to learn best practices for creating CAPEX reports!

This resource centers on best practices around the process of requesting funds for CAPEX, the approval process, how to integrate the new equipment or initiative into a company’s current process and the subsequent reporting needed to maintain effective communications with the relevant project sponsors and the management team as a whole. 

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Our CAPEX report template is a useful resource for creating your own reports for management and other stakeholders.

This is a companion piece to our article titled, "How to Create Better CAPEX Business Memos." If you'd like to learn more context in the creation of a report, we invite you to read that article.