Our accounting process improvement strategies guide offers a comprehensive perspective on applying the ESOAR method to your improvement.

Accounting Process Improvement Strategies

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Expand your knowledge of accounting process improvement strategies.

Organizations pursue process improvements to achieve a combination of higher efficiency, higher quality or better accuracy within their operations. To effectively achieve such process improvements, you and your organization can take advantage of a streamlined approach using ESOAR, a process improvement methodology that can help you drive long-term value.

This ebook offers a comprehensive perspective on applying this methodology and leverages a consistent example of an accounting department leveraging ESOAR to improve its Provision for Sales Returns process.

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Using the ESOAR Approach

What is ESOAR?


Learn how to identify wasteful activities that take time, cost and effort.


Discover how to limit customization and variability for greater results.


Tighten processes through workflows technology and other means.


Learn about robotic process automation and software worth consideration.

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A focused effort to Eliminate, Standardize, Optimize, Automate and Robotize your time- or resource-intensive accounting processes can help your team be more effective and your organization more nimble in its decision-making.

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Reduce manual work, increase transparency and improve accuracy.