This free, simple guide lists attributes of best-in-class forecasts to help operating executives gauge the quality of their own forecasts.

What to Expect in Your 13-Week Cash Flow Forecast

This Guide Offers Insights into:

  • What should be in your 13-week cash flow forecast 
  • The qualities that make for a best-in-class forecast 
  • Differences between poor- and high-quality forecasts 
  • And more!

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Learn core attributes of best-in-class 13-week cash flow forecasts.

The decisions that operating executives make are only as good as the information that drives those decisions. 

In this guide, we offer core attributes that every operating executive should expect in their 13-week cash flow forecast. This simple guide offers great insight into how better forecasts drive better decisions and actions.

During times of uncertainty, companies should reevaluate their operational strategy and profitability forecast. Management must have good visibility into the company’s potential of liquidity difficulties and opportunities. Cash is king, and cash flow is the bloodline of all companies. Without proper management of a company’s cash flow, a company will increase its exposure to unnecessary liquidity risks.

A Guide for Operating Executives

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